Silly Child and Weird Cactus, 2018



All work and photographs © Zhixuan Feng

Zhixuan Feng

  • About the artist

    2016-2018 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, UK

    2011-2015 BA Public Art, China Academy of Art, China


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  • About the work

    “ During the spring and summer, dad works in the desert. In autumn and winter, he works at the beach.” My mother said.


    As a child, in the winter time, my mother took me to the city where my dad used to work, he said that he worked in the desert during the spring and summer and also at the beach during the autumn and winter.

    When we arrived there the city was huge and divided by an enormous mountain, in the west were sand dunes and in the east was the coast.

    “Let’s go east” said my mom

    “Its winter, he must be at the beach” I thought.

    We searched everywhere but could only find a wired cactus with roots like a lions paw.

    Suddenly my mom saw a fisherman and asked him about my dad.

    “It’s winter here, you will find him at the beach” said the fisherman.”

    “We have been searching yet he is nowhere to be found” mom said.

    “You must be confused! This is the desert, you must go to the other side” said the fisherman.

    And surely we found him.

    “Dad? Did you not work at the beach during the winter?” I asked

    “Haha, this is the beach! Patting my head he replied.

    “The cactus you saw on the other side are mythical creatures, every winter they inhabit the east side, and during the summer they will slowly climb towards the west, wherever these creatures are is the desert and the other becomes the beach, this is what the locals here believe” said my dad

    “Aha, so you work in the desert all year around” I said.

    “Silly child” 


    Text provided by the artist

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