Elephant the Allison, 2018
4K / H.264 Video with audio
Video Duration: 12:00 min
Hong Kong/ UK


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All work and photographs © Yarli Allison

Yarli Allison

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  • About the work


    Allison is an elephant who is obsessed with holes, and its sensual encounter with online babe Dung.


    Elephant the Allison explores the nature of consciousness and spectatorship. The artist utilizes the juxtaposition of images and videos to resonate the pattern of human memory - instead of serial linear actions, it is always parallel. Allison’s fetish - holes and Dung (means “hole” or “cave” in Chinese language) is visually perpetuated by the recurrence of images and music. The practice of pornography consumption is also put under interrogation with the bricolage of the sensual moments, which leaves ripples that refuse to settle. 


    Text by Yin Lo (source: artist website)

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