Fortune Teller Is Not Here, 2018
Installation with Fortune Teller 
460 (L) x 290 (W) x 200 (H) cm 
Hong Kong 


All work and photographs © Yarli Allison

Yarli Allison

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  • About the work

    Inspired by my studio based residency in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, located in a historic military site famous for its war-time ghost stories.

    Fortune Teller Is Not Here responds to Hong Kong's traditional Chinese cultural belief and reverence for the afterlife and supernaturals, which tools and objects are invented to expel bad spirits and poor fortune. By investigating within human's current time, we are also questioning the uncertain future shaping by a technologically advancing world, where meat could be lab-grown, organs could be bio-printed and robots may replace 80% of our current jobs. As such, all traditional god status in the work are 3D-printed and digitally stretched to best suit its arrangement in space. In a traditional world of distortion, what would be humans' future fortune to tell? 

    (source: artist website)

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