Yanwen Xiong

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Yanwen Xiong

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    MA  in Fine Art, Painting, Royal College of Art, London
    MA in Vocal Performance, Royal Academy of Music, London
    BA in Voice and Opera, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing


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  • Artist statement

    As a trans-medium artist, I have to be sensitive to differences within forms. Music as a form is for me both more abstract and emotional than painting but painting opens out the possibilities of playing within the in-between of analysis and sensory discharge. I think that gradually I have needed to find a third space within this difference and that is performance, which is another way of existing on the edge of time. We are simply required to invent a relationship to the yet-to-come by drawing on the memory forms that are inherited through examining the artefacts of the past. As artists we both seek a renewal of traditions but also its rupture. We are simply passing through form in order to yield with time the dispersal and renewal of new forms organised as force.


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