Focus on Me not You, 2017



All work and photographs © Yajing Hu

Yajing Hu

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  • About the work

    Mirror is the space in-between, is a transition space in-between inner and outer, inner can be human being’s desire, outer can be society, others. 


    Is it the ‘real’ you when you see yourself through the mirror? Is it probably just the version of the society constructed you to be rather than your essence?


    What’s happen inside of mirror, how’s this mysterious transition take place?  


    As Andrew Bolton said ‘this in-between space reveals itself as an aesthetic sensibility, an unsettling zone of visual ambiguity and elusiveness, engendering and effectuating an art of the in between’ 

    Mirror is this in-between space. And everything becoming one through it. 


    Text provided by Yajing Hu

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