10 Quadratmeter, 2014

Installation, wooden walls with plaster and a 'really expensive' floor board.

Height 3,50 Meter


All work © Winnie Christiansen, photographs © Peter Ross

Winnie Christiansen

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  • About the work

    Give me two more walls, then we have a deal.


    „I don’t know if one needs to mention this phenomenon: All of a sudden, there were these ten square meters tarmac surface in the park and even the city, when questioned, didn’t know what it is all about.“ – Stefanie Klingemann


    Inspired by the project "10qm – ein Kunstprojekt im öffentlichen Raum Köln“ the half of ten square meters came into being. 

    It’s nothing but a corner, taken out of context. While the rental prices increase constantly and one comprehends less and less the need of more and more remediation measures, let’s build some useless fragments together. 


    Text provided by the artist