Histogram of the world’s first photograph, taken in 1826 by Nicéphore Niépce.
yellow glycerin soap and bike light


Graphic of the temperature oscillation of this room on 20.03.2018
white clay on metal

Graphic of the Brazilian homicide rate 2015.
plasticine on wood


All work and photographs © Vinicius Assencio

Vinicius Assencio

  • About the artist

    Vinicius Assencio graduated from Central Saint Martins, London in 2018 with an MA in Contemporary Photography.

  • Artist statement

    With my work I explore the process of translation and materialisation of old images in a new language and the oscillation between the 2D and the 3D of its image.
    My practice as an artist have shown me that this oscilation is similar to the way in which the human memory operates between past and present.

    Mixing tools from different centuries to deal with the same image, my work explores the overlapping temporalities of the interwined relatioship between time and memory.
    After asking myself the question "Where is the materiality of the digital image?" I made several experiments that combined digital and analog, always using the a
    ffection for the photographs of my childhood as the driving force to explore the power of transformation and flexibility of digital images. What I most hoped for was a transposition of affection from one medium to the other, as if one day I hoped to be able to feel through digital images what I feel for old analogical images.

    I am interested in the possibility of transformation in which these images were arranged before the new technologies. I am intrigued by the fact that it is now possible to choose an image from a large archive of 100 years ago and turn it into an object or a contemporary image, this power of mutation is the main axis of my practice.

    Another key point in my work is always memory. I intend to defend the idea that the way in which the contemporary image oscillates between the two-dimensional and the three- dimensional is similar to the way in which the human memory oscillates between past and present.

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