Tingwei Li

  • Biography

    Tingwei Li

    Born in 1989, Yantai/Shandong, China


    Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin, Germany
    Meisterschüler Titel 2017

    Fine Arts, Master’s studies, 2011–2016

    Hunter College, The City University of New York, NY, USA
    Fine Arts, MFA program, 2014

    University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany
    Visiting student in the College of Pedagogical Education, 2010–2011

    Tongji University of Shanghai, Shanghai, China
    Studied Photography and German, 2008–2010 

    Middle school affiliated to China Academy of Art (CAA), 2005­­–2008 



    Solo and Two-Person Shows
    Feeling Good?, J:Gallery, Shanghai, March–May, 2017
    The Chatting Room, Salt Projects, Beijing, August 26–28, 2016
    ><, EGG Gallery, Beijing, June–August, 2016 
    Bits and Bobs, EGG Gallery, Beijing, August–October, 2015

    Selected Group Exhibitions
    Being Information, SSSSTART Museum, Shanghai, July–September, 2017
    Yell Space Programme Exhibition: Partial Archive, Yell Space, Shanghai, May–June, 2017 
    Digital Samplers, The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, April–May 2017
    No Commission Shanghai, Dean Collection, Shanghai Exhibition Center, April 2017
    Noise, J:Gallery @CAPO, Shanghai, November 2016
    AIVA Contemporary, Starspace, Shanghai, July–September, 2016
    VOLATILITY, Galerie Gerken, Berlin, June–July, 2016
    Berlin School of Painting, Villa Renata, Basel, June 2016
    The Existential Crisis, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, June–July, 2016
    Hyper Text, The Door Art, Beijing, April–May 2016
    A great event is in the making, but no one has noticed, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, January 2016
    Art in the City, chi K 11, Shanghai, September, 2015 
    Not a state, but an artists’ colony, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, August–September, 2015
    O.C.D, EGG Gallery, Beijing, June–July, 2015
    Neue Sinnlichkeit, ehem, JVA, Magdeburg, May–September, 2015
    Anti-Physis, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, May 2015
    Perched in The Eye of A Tornado, Ying Space, Beijing, March–April, 2015
    Second Thought, Flowers Gallery, New York City, January–February, 2015
    Migrant I, Zhong Gallery, Berlin, September–October, 2014
    MACHT, Wals.Gallery, Munich, July–August, 2014
    European Project PHYSIS, Minigallery Assisi, Assisi, November 2013–January 2014
    LUXUS+, Museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam, Germany. October-November, 2013
    PHSIS 2013, Goethe Institut, Athens, October–November, 2013 
    Moments of Encounter, Confucius Institute, Berlin, June–August, 2013
    Starting point: 366 Tage involvement in Art, Growing and Changing from 01 January to 31 December 2009, Himalaya Art Museum, Shanghai, April, 2009


    (source: artist website)

  • Bibliography

    Tingwei Li - Bibliography


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    (source: artist website)

  • Artist Statement

    I’m interested in creating a space for experience of subtle emotions. By arranging information associated with objects, videos, texts, posters, symbols and sound I engage in researching phenomenon and core issues in contemporary life, addressing mental conditions and body awareness. The newly solo show addresses on our self-improvement and the development of self-care and self-help culture in industrialization process of the society. 

    My current works "Great Days" discuss about the increasing multiple choices in modern life as well as the endless copy or reproduction of information, sharing some idea and criticism about how human consciousness and behavior are being reformed by rapid changes in consumer society and how could we respond to our emotion personally and be responsible for our choices morality in the meantime. As it in "Great Days" goes: I am thinking hard, thinking hard.


    (source: artist website)

  • Links

    artist website: www.litingwei.de