Money, 2018

Cash, coins, motors, wood, metal

Dimensions variable


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All work and photographs © Tianyou Huang

Tianyou Huang

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    I used real money as a symbol in the work “Money”. As one of the most important and common things in our life, Money is critical as large number of social issues about money happen in this society. However, I want to interpret a critical thing humourously, to express people’s attitude towards money (such as “Face” and “Eye”) and the impact of money (such as “Teetertotter”). “The green gambling table” shows the currency war, different coins from different countries “fight” with each other and every single one wants to be the economic leadership in the central ring. One piece in the work “Money” is a wooden bowl, and visitors giving me coins shows the relationship between people and my works, and begging in the art exhibition has some irony and absurd taste.


    Text provided by the artist