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All work and photographs © Tamim Sibai

Tamim Sibai

  • About the artist



    2018 Meister Degree of Fine Arts in Painting at Udk, Class of Prof. Bukhard Held in Berlin, Germany


    2014 Bachelor Degree of Arts in Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria


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  • About the work

    These paintings are all about human attitude, behaviour, reactions, emotions, characters and appearance. What people hide in themselves and how the artist can see it and turns it into Layers of colours so it can be seen through a painting. All humans issue matters to art for ever and a day. All these postures and faces in this exhibition are prepared to let people wonder and question: are they glad or sad, complicated or simple.

    The artist ask his or her self same questions when he or she see people around. To build a healthy community has full understanding of humans acts is a basic goal. To reach a better version of humanity in our world. Using various wild colours is in purpose, to show the strength of people impressions in the day life. And using layers of oil colours is a technique to express the hidden emotions and take us beyond the lines to the depth of person’s spirit. As a human who happened to be an artist, i invite you to see and react with every picture and color.



    Feel free to know the life story for every person in my paintings.


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