Metal sculpture


All work and photographs © Susanna Brunetti

Susanna Brunetti

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  • About the work

    Emerge is the result of a research about fear, fixation, their relation to the Artist and art-making.  


    In the mind of the Artist, everything is possible, but on the outside she doesn’t know exactly where to start. The body is the connection between this outer and inner reality. It belongs to her but at the same time, it is present in this outside dimension. It is her armour, but it is also her link to sensation.


    The body is feeling and desire. The body is in movement; it becomes alive. It is a movement, which has no aim and has no intention of a fulfilment of an action, but it is just a pure act. The Artist does not move in order to occupy a space, but to create it.


    The body moves, feels and through sensation gives the Artist a base of understanding and a connection to the external world. It becomes flow; it becomes a pulsing beat; it is energy, it cannot be contained, it spreads everywhere without limits, it emerges.


    Text provided by Susanna Brunetti

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