Photo Series Untitled I (2017)



All work and photographs © Sungeun Claire Choi

Sungeun Claire Choi

  • About the artist

    Sungeun Claire Choi graduated from HFBK Hamburg in 2017. She studied Sculpture with Professor Thomas Demand. 

  • About the work

    'Image motifs in my photography work vary in subjects and are found in everyday life. The photo series consists of a quick glimpse of different moments with limited details, and the lack of information leads the viewer to take a time to follow the poetic order of the hanging works on the wall. In Photo Series Untitled I (2017), the photo prints are mounted onto plexiglass and hung a few centimeters from the wall, so that the series appear as floating images, not fixed in the space and time. As already mentioned above, the motif is not ostensibly repetitive in the series, but the immediate decision making of taking photographs remains as an important role for my artistic practice.'


    Text provided by the artist 

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