Passing Humans

In “Passing Humans”, I document the stories of people who have experienced great transitions in their lives. Before I interviewed them, I told them I was the collector of stories and wished to collect their real life stories. I documented their oral histories and utilised portrait photography to probe their emotions and thoughts.


With their full consent, I put forth the portraits and stories of Keith, Clare, Rob, Kim, and David. It has been my honor meeting them and my pleasure to call them friends. We believe these stories can bring hope to more people. That’s why we wanted to share these stories with more audiences. The best is yet to come, even if you are in a bad place.


All work and photographs © Sing Hang Tam

Sing Hang Tam

  • About the artist



    2016 – 2018     MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, England, UK

    First ever Hong Kong person to have earned MA Sculpture in the Royal College of Art


    2014 – 2016     BA Art, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, US

    Departmental Honors Student


    Dean’s Honors Student


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  • Artist statement

    My MA practice and dissertation at the RCA has focused on  human ignorance, as viewed from the perspective of Buddhist philosophy, as having a false understanding of the world. I researched how artists attempted to overcome limitations by using art as a way to investigate, reveal, and present human nature.

    In an ongoing project called “The Collector of Stories”, I document the stories of individuals, such as homeless veterans and people who are over 90 years old in the UK, and utillize portrait photography to probe their emotions, thoughts and present their narratives.


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