KNX - table lamp

Simon Schmitz

  • about the artist

    My work targets a further interrogation within the field of product design.


    I work mainly practical, always trying evolve from the early stage of drafting into a proficient, three dimensional prototype. This includes a preceded involvement with the framework and context as well as the transfer into form and proportion.


    Being a freelancer since 2010, my sense of materiality, functionality and technical implementing was trained throughout a rich variety of projects within different task fields.

    Next to being self-employed, a befriended designer and me founded an online platform named SPOD in 2015. SPOD creates, realizes and produces, together with other creatives, gripping product ideas, inspired by materiality, a feature or mechanics. An extensive network of production centers at home and abroad, together with our skills of implementing and distribution allow us to realize even the most diversified projects single-handedly.


  • Biography



    2009 – 2014          Studium an der HfbK Hamburg

                                   BfA in Fachrichtung Design: NC 1,1

    2011                      Studium an der HDK Göteborg

                                         Fachrichtung: Design

    2015 – 2017       Masterstudium an der HfbK Hamburg bei Professor

                               Glen Oliver Löw



    Berufliche Erfahrung


    2012                     4 Monatiges Praktikum bei “Creatables” in

                                       Göteborg, Schweden.

    2013 – 2014       Freier Designer bei Winther.Gestaltung,


    2014                    Freiberufliche Tätigkeiten für Dockingskills,


    2014 – 2015       Freiberufliche Tätigkeiten im Bereich Grafik

                                      und Produktentwicklung bei LogicalGolf,


    2014 – Heute    Gründer und Eigner von SPOD – Spot on

                                      Design GbR

    2010 – Heute    Freelancer im Bereich Produktgestaltung,

                                      CAD und Layout.

  • about the work

    KNX is a playful approach to integrate mechanical elements into an object's functioning process. It's altering mechanism is inspired by the "muller's ratchet" - a slider snapping into place, allowing to move in either direction of the gearwheel.