Sonic Spheres



All work and photographs © Shu Zhang

Shu Zhang

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    I mixed them with sounds recorded in the British Library. I edited and connected them in a narrative structure that is based on the text which I wrote during the project time. By taking out the nouns from the texts, I visualise the words by finding the corresponding sounds from the sounds materials I got and put them together in sonic players. The players are placed in the balls I made and connected with headphones. Holding the sound spheres is a physical way to let visitors experience the embodiment of sounds. 

    The piece is aimed to communicate the relationship between our daily life spaces and studios. This point could be understood as an instantaneous experience. The transformation of each scene alternates and breaks the general rules of logic, forming a relationship that is diminishing as time passes. This way of extracting, reorganising, and repeating would be helpful to understand the complex environment which we are in.


    Text provided by Shu Zhang