To be Still


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All work and photographs © Shu Zhang

Shu Zhang

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    The natural landscape might be a variable that is outside of our society. This ‘outside’ makes me interested in exploring the possibility of the relationship between people and nature, and want to build a dialogue to connect with the landscape. Travel experiences become inspirations of these works. In the process of walking, I started to think about people’s lifestyle, and under the natural process of how people think of themselves. Therefore, the natural landscape, elemental properties, architecture, sound, images, senses, etc. become my main topics.

    Industrialisation brings a layer that clouds people’s senses, and I hope that I could explore new possibilities through different ways to convey the present and to find the combined point of natural factors and human experiences. This point could be understood as an instantaneous experience. Through the visual and auditory view, audiences could get closer to the environment, and link up with the world.


    I record some moments through writing and then find out the noun from these words to help visualize or make them into sound pieces. The transformation of each scene alternates and breaks the general rules of logic, forming a relationship that is diminishing as time passes. This way of extracting, reorganizing, and repeating helps me to understand the complex environment which I am in.


    In this sound piece, I try to catch the sound of the wind, water drops, the grass and so on and connect them in a visual structure. Through the structure of installation, the sound could not only extend in the horizontal plane but could also pass upwardly through the gap of the device. I tried to put the whole sound material into a narrative to carry and help imagine this installation is walking in the unconscious state so that parts of the work (the breath, or friction from clothes) are accelerated, the other part (wind, water), slow down.


    Text provided by Shu Zhang