A Strange Train


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All work and photographs © Shu Zhang

Shu Zhang

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  • About the work

    ‘The film, A Strange Train, presents a series of stories which emphasises some ‘actual moments’ in my daily routine with an intention to provide a conscious perception of these actual moments to viewers. To respond to Daniel Copley’s STASIS (1995) and Video Contempt (1994), I used rotating lenses to capture the space, combined with some fleeting, metaphorical abstractions to translate past events into the present.


    It is a feature film in which the timeline has been reworked by catching considerable amounts of ‘slice-of-life’ episodes in some abandoned area. My aim is to use the digital language to record the impulse of expression and turn it into a mirror. This mirror could reflect the situation indirectly and reflect implicitly the appearance the world may have.’


    Text provided by Shu Zhang

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