Blue-collar workers, 2018 

Copper piping,timber, LMP microcrystalline, wallpaper steamers


Royal College of Art, MA Sculpture Show


All work and photographs © Sam Baker

Sam Baker

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    These lengths of interchangeable copper piping are workers…...they are consumers.


    They whistle, hiss and devour all that they touch before expelling out a liquescent matter.


    The sticky deposits leak from the gaps in the metalwork forging a new, material landscape; ever shifting and expanding.


    ‘The paradox of consistency imposed by the plasticity of wax may therefore be understood as the possibility.’


    I am interested in the ways in which wax disrupts the movement of unruly forces and a resistance between the water vapour and microcrystalline develops. 


    There is an out of control nature to steam and the way that it will not behave as a physical, matter based material. As vapour, steam is pervasive and intangible. I am interested in mocking and provoking the physical through the use of steam as a force to create and destroy.


    Text provided by the artist