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All work and photographs © Sam Baker

Sam Baker

  • About the artist


    The Royal College of Art - MA Sculpture, 2016-2018


    Kingston University - BA Fine Art, 2011-2014


    University of Northampton - Art Foundation diploma, 2010-2011


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  • Artist statement

    By deliberately twisting, bending and pinching linear forms I am creating a new physical act of communication. The works stand as sites of a past performance where I have laboriously cut into materials creating conversation about production, finesse and technical virtuosity. The introduction of steam is an activator that playfully turns a process into a material within itself, by rupturing the binary relationships of wood and steel.

    There is an out of control nature to steam and the way that it will not behave as a physical, matter based material. As vapour, steam is pervasive and intangible. I am interested in mocking and provoking the physical through the use of steam as a force to create and destroy.


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