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Rowland Hill

  • About the artist

    Hill (Born 1989, Leicester, UK) completed an MA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art (London) in 2018, and a BA in Drama and English from The University of Manchester in 2011. She is a recipient of the Clare Winsten Memorial Award, a Manchester Culture Award for her curatorial work, and was recently nominated for an Adrian Carruthers Studio Award and shortlisted for a Sekforde Trust Scholarship. Hill has undertaken residencies at Aldeburgh Music, Flux Factory (NYC) and the Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester), and has exhibited or performed her work across the UK and beyond, at spaces and platforms including the ICA (London), The Horse Hospital (London), Turf Projects (London), The Northern Charter (Newcastle), Whitworth Art Gallery (Manchester), Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre, Del Rex (Berlin) and Splendor (Amsterdam). Hill is also the founder and co-director of Video Jam, an award winning organisation dedicated to curating, commissioning and presenting moving image works with live musical accompaniment. 


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  • About the work

    Rowland Hill works across film, performance, text and sound. Her practice plays with systems of communication, gender, and gestural and choreographic regimesShe is interested in how political and philosophical separations between body, mind, verbal and non-verbal forms of communication have conditioned definitions of personhood in the West, from the Protestant imaginary onwards. Rowland regularly draws on her dramaturgical background through incorporating into her work devised and co-creative processes with dancers, musicians, conductors and interpreters, as well as non-trained performers. The form this takes is often one in which a clearly articulated expressive act becomes an amorphous and ambiguous exercise. Recent works include making a dance from a review of a dance, delivering a lecture on mental health via translation software, writing a book of apologies found within a historic library collection of ‘gentleman’ authors, and curating a 3 hour interdisciplinary performance event exploring gesture, embodiment and the physical experience of language.


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