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All work and photographs © Rodrigo Arteaga

Rodrigo Arteaga

  • About the artist

    Santiago, Chile, 1988. MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Art 2018 and BA in Fine Arts at Universidad de Chile specializing in Printmaking 2010. Some of his solo exhibitions are: “This path one time long time ago”, Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, UK; “Placed into Abyss”, Kostka Gallery, Czech Republic; “Just as the daylight was fading”, Sobering Galerie, France; “A natural history of ideas, part II”, Galería Tajamar, Chile; “Upon Stars and Roots”, Galería AFA, Chile. He has exhibited his work in collective exhibitions in France, Germany, Spain, Bolivia, Perú, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. He has been a part of International Biennials such as: IV Poli/Graphic Triennial of San Juan, Puerto Rico; SIART Biennial 2013, La Paz, Bolivia; 11th Biennial of Media Arts, Santiago, Chile. He has been supported by grants from the Direction of Foreign Cultural Affairs of Chile, CONICYT, and the Prince Claus Fund. He is currenty represented by Galería AFA (Chile) and Galerie Sobering (France).

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  • Artist statement

    I aim to redefine some notions and ideas around nature and culture, considering what sort of division can exist between them. I have used material culture that comes from science and its varied systematic methods in the form of books, maps, diagrams, furniture and tools. There is some inherent contradiction in this effort to bring together order and disorder, the useful and the useless, unearthing the coded enigmas of our relationship to the environment. I have responded to scientific culture in an attempt to embrace its limits, maybe turn it back onto itself, finding a crack, subjectivizing something meant to be objective.



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    Sobering, Paris

    Galeria AFA, Santiago, Chile