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All work and photographs © Paula Loeding

Paula Loeding

  • About the artist

    Paula Loeding graduated from HfbK Hamburg in 2018. She studied with Prof. Werner Büttner. 


  • About the work

    'The series of seven woodblock and stamp prints focuses on the ambiguous and the strange in the supposed familiarity of an image. Here, the technique of woodblock printmaking complements the idea of excavation in order to reveal something. Questions arise, such as: what hides an image and what makes it visible at the same time; what is a mask, what is deception. Light appears in the series as one of the elements – fire, water, air and earth – underlining the power of the works as an examination of images through images. The works address memory, and their interpretation depends upon the individual associations of the viewer. However, the interpretation remains vague and so the images effectively become tarot-card-like by responding to how the viewer projects their life experience onto the work. Thus, the works play with the expectations we have of a work of art as an object of cognition and at the same time evade its decoding.'


    Text in German provided by the artist