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All work and photographs © Noor Qayyum

Noor Qayyum

  • About the artist


    BA hons (1st) Fine Art, The Slade School of Fine Art  2012-2016

    MA in Painting at The Royal College of Art 2016 - 2018


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  • Artist statement

    'Like freedom, painting is not something that can be attained but it is
    a birthright, and I am lucky.  Painting is not a support to thought or
    a precursor it is inseparable from it. Leading up to a painting I draw
    but none of my paintings are solely based on these. It is important
    for me to create instantaneously and not have any model but only a
    feeling. A strike on the heart.
    When figures appear one by one or sometimes together I let them breath for a while before recognizing who they are. Sometimes he is music and sometimes he is death.

    For me the prevalence of the figure will never cease to diminish. For
    the painted woman is as much an image of death as she is of sex. This
    multiplicity of feeling embodies itself in the face and figure. We are
    in a constant state of becoming and I find this state to be the
    driving force behind my desire.
    Once I draw how something feels it is committed to my memory. Memory consists of recollection in being not merely recollection of details. I am enamoured by myth, but I am not a storyteller. I use myth to attempt to understand. Myth is essential, the folk metaphysics if you
    In light of myth can one reflect; taking Adam and Eve, that there was
    never one eve but many; and the serpent had no tail but another head.
    I paint decisively and I know what I am doing, but my destination is
    never clear and seldom reached. Thought has no destination; it always
    opens up more space. Painting has no destination, it cannot end.'


    Text provided by the artist

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