rosa rauschen, 2017 

70 ink drawings

320 x 300 cm (installation)  



Muriel Tauber

  • About the work

    For the last two years, Tauber has been dealing with "Rain" in drawing and printmaking. 
    She examines rain as an optical phenomenon as well as an abstract idea. She is interested in how a falling motion is organized in endless space. Her approach is partly conceptual and partly aesthetic.


    In this work, rain is thought of as a combination game. Individual sheets in the same format show rainfall from different angles and in changing realities. The sheets are equipped with magnets. They can be moved freely on a specially designed system on the wall. 

    The aim is to let the rain fall through the sheets. The subjective gaze is addressed; the multifaceted forms of falling water and the interplay between individual image an overall vibrant surface. 

  • About the artist

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