Le temps trois







Plaster, galvanised steel

each 6 x 6 x 100 cm



each about 40 x 40 cm

schistose sandstone


Leinwand V

Chalk primer and pencil on canvas

180 x 160 cm


All work and photographs © Moritz Nehrkorn

Moritz Nehrkorn

  • About the artist

    Moritz Nehrkorn (born 1981) lives and works in Berlin


    2002 - 2010 Degree in Physics, studied in Duisburg, Trondheim and Frankfurt/M


    2018 Meisterschüler at the Universität der Künste, Berlin with Manfred Pernice

  • About the work

    In the exhibition le temps trois, I am concerned with the phenomena of temporality: temporality of the work of art, which is not understood as an entity,  but as process. In my work on canvas I make pencil drawings between layers of primer. The series implant are casts of the moment of contact, embedded in the object. The plaster units may be assembled to form displays as in alpha and rhombus. At the same time they appear as sculptures in PlastikZeiger and Pendulum.


    Text provided by the artist

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