Dawn of the Red - A Rupture in the Deep-Sleep of Capitalism, 2018

15:12 min., colour, sound, HD, 16:9


All work and photographs © Mizu Sugai and Jonathan Jung

Mizu Sugai and Jonathan Jung

  • About the artists

    A.S.S.-Collective is an artist duo from Berlin: Mizu Sugai (*1989, Tokyo) and Jonathan Jung (*1987, Hamburg). Since the beginning of their collaboration they have been working at the interface of social practice and its artistic translation, mostly in conjunction with participatory and collective formats such as workshops, performances and happenings.


    Mizu Sugai and Jonathan Jung both graduated from UdK Berlin in 2018.

  • About the work

    On 21 June 2018, A.S.S.-Collective met with a group of artists and activists on the square in front of the Ernst Thälmann Memorial in Berlin to spend 24 hours there together. Questions about the impact of dominant historiography on today's urban and social spaces and the confrontation with alternative narratives formed the foundation for the joint stay. In the spirit of Walter Benjamin's dialectical image, the protagonists explored how a "flash of awakening" can be generated in the prevailing historiography.

    The Ernst Thälmann Monument was erected in the mid-1980s in the park of the same name in Prenzlauer Berg. Thälmann was a representative of workers' struggles during the Weimar Republic, later chairman of the KPD and an active anti-fascist, who was murdered in 1944 in Buchenwald. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the memorial has been left to its own devices.The floodlights for the lighting are switched off, the fringes are littered with shards of glass and the base is full of graffiti - Thälmann sleeps in the dark.


    Text in German provided by the artists.