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Michal Raz

  • About the artist

    Michal Raz (Jerusalem, 1984) is a London based artist.
    In 2013 she completed her B.A with high honours at Hamidrasha School of Art and Education in Israel, and her MFA in 2018 at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. Her work has been exhibited in Israel, UK, Greece and Ecuador at different galleries and museums including Weizmann Institute of Science Art Gallery, Mane Katz Museum of Contemporary art and more.


    Alongside Michal’s artistic career, for many years she is working as an art educator and instructor at various institutions.


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  • About the work

    My works sythesize painting, screen printing, digital printing, collage and video, and as such they may be envisaged as a mirror reflecting the diversity of conceptual, theoretical, and applied arts. The works may be also grasped as a continues research of ethnology, pattern making, ornamentation, abstract art, pop culture, computer, and digital aesthetics, avoiding any definition. The philosophical investigation is manifested in my works, through the creation of images that deal with polarities, diversity, and unification, as well as the concept of non-separation and lack of hierarchy both through traditional techniques and emerging ways of making. The play of polarities is the expression of the belief in both seen and unseen ever existent unity in diversity.


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