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All work and photographs © Michael Cheung

Michael Cheung

  • About the artist

    Michael Chueng graduated from Central Saint Martins, London in 2018 with an MA in Contemporary Photography.


  • About the work

    I work with image and various forms of media. I am interested in engaging the “human” in this era, and how do we relate and interact to the world.


    Currently my works are around how the process of repetition,such as cloning, breeds difference in its“replicas”, how the “copies” are connected yet can be considered as substantive.


    Karen Barad mentioned that the body “are material discursive phenomena… Human bodies are not inherently different from nonhuman ones”. We can say that the posthuman does not see the body very different form prosthetics, or we should say the posthuman no longer need to emphasise the “in between” status of their physical and non-physical existence, as this is their norm. Maybe this is also the reason I like to explore the meaning of making an image in this contemporary age, by working with my own biometric data, trying to make work regarding the lack of differences between human and non-human bodies.

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