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All work and photographs © Max Stanley

Max Stanley

  • About the artist


    2016 – 2018    Central Saint Martins: MA Fine Art Photography
    2012 – 2015    Camberwell College of Art: BA(hons) Fine Art Photography
    2011 – 2012    Central Saint Martins: Foundation Degree


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  • Artist statement

    'Bordering the line between the physical and the digital, my practise looks to explore the ever changing landscape that connects our material existence with our virtual one. This melting pot of different spaces and technologies, blurs our definition of how we define whats real and whats not. A boundary or fault line, which controls and reshapes information from one reality to the next. This hybridised space is by its own nature an allusive one, designed from the outset to be as opaque as possible, hidden inside ubiquitous technologies that drive and augment our current existence. But this meeting point is not always a harmonious one, and these transactions are never perfect. Something is always lost or gained, creating ruptures, glitches or noise. A point where the smooth frictionless boundary begins to break down, revealing the inner mechanics of the algorithm. Opening up new spaces with unforeseen outcomes and potentialities. The work looks to explore these ideas primarily at the point where material surfaces meet digital ones, and how the relationship to one has been redefined by the other. Data, but more specifically information no longer moves solely in one direction, choices are made unilaterally on a multiplicity of levels and realities. Understanding and working with these processes, perhaps making them more tangible, is the direction and course of my current practise.'


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