Der Zehner im romanischen Stil, 2017

white concrete, reinforcement iron

100 x 20 x 10 cm


All work and photographs © Max Siebenhaar

Max Siebenhaar

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  • About the work

    Building bridges requires courage to leave the level, firm ground of the earth. Security needs, habits and convenience are left behind in order to land somewhere else and meet the unknown. Bridges belong to everyone and function in every direction. They mark the obstacle and at the same time the place where the need of many people came together to overcome it. Their filigree design often resists gravity and seems to suggest it: It is quite simple. Simple to bridge the distance, simple to connect.
    The bridge sculpture shows the fictitious bridge depicted on the ten-euro note. The book, The Pasha's Concubine, and Other Tales, by Ivo Andrić, was the first inspiration to deal with the subject of bridges.

    Text in German by Kathrin Schömer