Relation, 2019


mixed media


All work and photographs © Max Siebenhaar

Max Siebenhaar

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    In the darkness we search for light, try to get a picture of our surroundings. These surroundings seem indeterminate and want to be explored, first through intuitive curiosity. On this journey, things we cannot recognize at first seem strange or unfamiliar. But only through a step-by-step approach, a gradual gaining of experience, can we bridge the gaps of uncertainty and finally attain a certain knowledge.

    This gradual approach to our surroundings is a way of overcoming an obstacle, in this case darkness. We must face uncertainty, even fear of the unknown and overcome it in order to be ourselves a light in this darkness. Only in this way can spaces be opened and explored, and only in this way can the seeming distance give way to closeness.

    The allegorical image of the bridge summarizes this perfectly.
    It merges distance with proximity, opens up spaces and lets duality become unity. If concrete, wood or steel are needed to connect two separate places, a metaphorical bridge between two people requires only the willingness to create it.

    Each person carries the building material for mental bridges within him/herself. For the construction we need a counterpart and openness. The connections that then become possible are ephemeral, they emerge and are dissolved again. But something always remains - a trace, an imprint.

    Thus we are bridge-building nomads with chambers of wonder full of impressions that tell of our experience and history.

    Building bridges freely, openly and against adversity means gaining insight. It gives us a light into the darkness that illuminates us and our surroundings.

    "Everything in life is a bridge - a word, a smile that we give to others." - Ivo Andrič

    Text in German by Daniel Vollmer