Untitled (Family Portrait), 2018



All work © Marylyn Molisso, photographs © Maia Robins

Marylyn Molisso

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    My Central Saint Martins MA Fine Art exhibition piece, ‘Untitled (family portrait)’ (on view 23rd – 27th May 2018, Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross, London), is a portrait of my anxiety. I want to share my existential crisis with my sculptures. In ‘Untitled (family portrait)’, the sculptures are numerous – reflecting the obsessive, repetitive and immersive nature of such anxiety, repeating shapes and formations in micro and macro scales. Together, they balance and create an environment which is both precarious and stable, heavy and light. Within the cold metal installation, there are distinctly human traces; my clothing binds the metal poles, old sheets from my sisters wrap around them, and duvets from my father and friends comfort them.  However, to the audience, these are just soiled materials from strangers. There is something intimate about this, but also repulsive. Sweat and snot and blood and urine all in part stain the installation. It contains the grossness of reality of being a living animal, and where the sculptures are nestled beneath sheets, it is as if they are trying to replicate the gross physicality of living.  It is a portrait of myself, my family, and nothing. To exist it needs rope to tether it together, securing them and trussing them like pigs. Arms and hands cling to each other across from the main sculpture, adrift in a sea, desperate to hold on. They want to be real. I want them to be real. I am trying to give subjectivity to something that can only be an object. It reflects my own crisis – my fear that I am just as much an object, that my subjectivity is an illusion.

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