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All work and photographs © Marylyn Molisso

Marylyn Molisso

  • About the artist



    2018 MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London

    2016  BA Art at the University of Reading


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  • About the work

    I create sculptures and installations that explore notions of anxiety and personhood. What are we left with after a sublime experience, which threatens our perception of ourselves and our subjectivity? Influenced by our threatened existence on earth, my installations hope to activate the vulnerability of the human condition and to question what it is to be a subject. I explore abstract forms, inspired by organic geometry and the architecture of a post-human wasteland. I imagine the future relics we will leave behind through these constructions, and the sheer mass of objects that we generate to obsession. This accumulation of ‘things’ and its environmental impact has caused me to examine my own role as an artist in making and dealing with purposeless objects.  Wrapped in fabric, the sculptures become clothed and bound, intimate and somehow alive. The more obsessively I have made these objects, the more real they become, and the less real I am.  These useless objects seek to examine our own inherent ‘thingness’ and ask whether we are just as much objects to the universe as the sculptures are to us.

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