Untitled, 2018

Concrete, chair, teacup

Dimensions variable

Manuel Cornelius

  • About the artist

    Manuel Cornelius (born 1991) graduated from HGB Leipzig in February 2018. He studied in the Painting class taught by Prof. Michael Riedel.

  • About the work

    Manuel Cornelius uses 3D construction software to create his sculptures. There are always surprises in the translation of digital designs into material reality. The sensual nature of the building materials, as well as the relationships between object, surroundings, and one's own body can only be simulated on the screen to a limited extent. On the one hand, this is the reason for his drive to give the computer models a material presence. On the other hand, it forces him to deal with the transmission problems that have arisen. Cornelius constant reworks his designs – pieces of executed models are combined with new elements or contrasted with existing objects from everyday life and consumer goods. The result is an interplay in which a technologically accelerated search for form and a haptic experiment with different materials and surfaces are mutually dependent. His works form a connecting point where the different logics and assessment systems of the digital and real world meet.

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    Artist website: www.manuel-cornelius.com

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