Tethys, 2018

Videoinstallation (Projektion, floor fan)


All work and photographs © Maike Gerten

Maike Gerten

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  • About the work

    Tethys is the name of a huge Ocean that covered large parts of the earth's surface 200 million years ago. The northern and southern limestone Alps were formed from the seabed of this ocean when the Eurasian plate collided with the African plate and the earth's crust began to fold. The video Tethys shows a camera movement over a still, 3D-generated ocean. The elevations and waves of the ocean are generated from the altitude data of the Alps. The relief has been given a water-like surface under which the camera dives again and again, thus revealing the way the pictures are made. The video installation includes a wind machine that is directed at the projection and provides the sound for the video.


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