Degree show presentation at HFBK Hamburg in July 2018


On the floor:

Judaswiege 2

Wachs, pigments

80 x 70 x 80 cm

punctum: artist book 

Risograph, four-colour, 60 pages

Edition of 50


On the wall:

Silver gelatine prints and C-prints in various sizes (titles below - left to right)

Alex (unifinished desire)

punctum (October 2017)


Judaswiege 1



Pink God

The Pit


All work and photographs © Maik Gräf

Maik Gräf

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    A photographic paper that does not arbitrarily follow the light for reasons of age and colours  – is that quiet resistance or consent? A silent agreement to not get what was first desired. A protection to prevent the realization of sorrow? Is the veil the principle to be seen here? The pink colour that covers the pictures, connects them in its tint and becomes a body itself (like what remains invisible under the skin) opens the field. But no photograph remains intact, it is scraped, bent, removed and layered, cut. As if it were built around a trauma, buried here, uncovered there, then supported, or broken off. It's as though the images touch the bodies, but how? The violence inherent in deforming the material – the violence involved in changing the state of being (like this touch), in order to tell of the desired that is missing, dissolves in the calculated coincidence of the method. Maybe because something becomes something by itself really makes it speak – but actually because it didn't have to be it itself.


    Text in German by Marinus Reuter