Lulu MacDonald

  • Artist Statement

    Lulu MacDonald's work begins way back when the pen first touches the page. Fundamental and crucial moments of art history’s mark-making are spliced, cut and pasted onto the installation sculptures. Minuscule fragments of the artist’s process, studio or desktop, are dragged, exaggerated and exasperated onto and into shapes. Sculptures sometimes so flat they are read as images and, at other times, images so multi-dimensional they can only be described as sculptural. Activating and imagining the hand that drew them, the finger that manipulated them and the room that exists around them, the works have a performance space all to their own. Lulu's works reference boundaries metaphorically, physically and politically. When and where does one thing end and the next begin? The edges and surfaces only begin to explain the discourse surrounding today’s slippery image-consuming present, haunted by the ghouls of art history's past. 



  • Biography

    Lulu MacDonald (b. 1991, UK)

    Hfbk, Masters of Fine Arts, Sculpture with Professor Pia Stadbäumer, 2015 - 2017
    The Slade School of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2009 - 2012
    Highlands College School Of Art and Design, BETEC, 2007 - 2009

    Selected Exhibitions
    2017, Jahres Austellung, HfBK, Hamburg
    2016, Zeige IV, Studien Stiftung, Berlin
    2016, Jahres Austellung, HfBK, Hamburg
    2015, Jahres Austellung, HfBK, Hamburg
    2013, Lock In, Elizabeth Castle, Jersey
    2012, Exposure Award, The Parasol Unit, London
    2012, Modern Madonnas, St Georges Arts Trust, London
    2012, Slade Degree Show, The Slade School of Art, London
    2010, Here and Beyond, St Helier Town Hall, Jersey

    Residencies, Talks and Events
    2016, Zeige, IV, Performance Lecture, Berlin
    2013, Lock In, Selected artist in residency, Elizabeth Castle
    2012, Exposure Award, Guest Speaker, Parasol Unit

    Awards and Grants
    2015 Studienstiftung, des Deutschen Volkes
    2014 Project Grant, Freundeskreis der HFBK
    2012 Exposure Award, Parasol Unit, London
    2012 Jersey Arts Bursary, Jersey Arts Trust, Jersey
    2011 Barreau Arts Scholarship, Societe Jerseaise, Jersey
    2009 Avril Picot Award, Societe Jerseaise, Jersey