Tiny world, 2016

30 x 40 cm


All work and photographs © Li Yang

Li Yang

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    By mixing up with blue pigment, vegetable oil and alcohol on a sheet of transparent paper provides a glimpse of the reaction of different attribute of elements. Rejection and integration of each element give them a new form and variety shades of blue. 


    I held me breath to get as close as possible with my camera and transformed these mysterious tiny world in to a 2d forms. But, I see the wind there, sand there as a infinite world. 


    I’m interested in “what is real?” I devoted to creating images to expanding the answer of this question.  Images are the journey of discovering and imaginations of this infinite world.  It gives a space for meditating “what is beyond the acme, behind edges?” 


    Text provided by the artist