Augmented Nature, 2019

Acrylic, Inkjet, Transfer-media and varnish on canvas 

sizes depending on image


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All work and photographs © Levente Szücs

Levente Szücs

  • About the artist

    1989          born in Miskolc, Ungarn

    2002          move to Germany

    2010          Studies at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

    2012          Painting studies with Prof. Herbert Brandl

    2015          Meisterschüler of Prof. Herbert Brandl

    2019          Graduation from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf


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  • About the work

    In my work I have been dealing with contrasts for years. But above all, how I can connect them with each other. Differences merge into unity - they no longer extinguish each other, but reinforce each other much more. Abstraction and reality, idea and chance, conscious and unconscious, background and foreground, photography and painting become a whole.
    It can take months from pressing the shutter release button to the finished painting, whereby the preparation takes the most time. As soon as the photo - in the same format as the canvas - is printed on paper, I can start painting. There are no templates or sketches before the first step. I start intuitively and choose the colours by feeling. During the work I try to eliminate my thoughts so that the creation of the picture becomes a kind of meditative process. Most of the time I start with paint, although the order varies from picture to picture. After the first painted layer, I transfer a fragment of the torn photo onto the canvas. This is done with the help of a gel-like painting medium, which only transfers the color pigments of the photo onto the canvas - the paper is completely removed in the next step. So only the color of the inkjet print remains on the picture surface and I can continue painting again. After the second painted layer, a piece of the photo is transferred again, after which painting takes place again. The described steps are repeated alternately until the picture is finished: Painting and photography become a unity within a picture, through an inseparable weaving.


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