Staring at the Sun to Overcome the Terror of Death, 2017

4 part installation
support: height 230 cm, diameter 160 cm

I. diameter 140 cm

II. 220 x 140 cm

III. 200 x 140 cm
IV. 200 x 140 cm
Aluminium pipe, Styrol-Butadien-Rubber, coloured paper, galvanised steel


installation view:
21.07.2017 – 01.08.2017
degree show, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, SEZ, Berlin, DE

Foto Credit: Heike Overberg

Björn Streeck

  • About the work

    At the door
    I turn to lift my cover
    There my work comes into existence What could have been
    Isolation exists solely in isolation Once shared, it dissolves
    How should I call myself
    Björn Streeck


    I congratulate myself on graduation Public exposition
    All the best for business opening This is the death of my hope

    I am staring into the sun Just before a vision
    the blindness


    (text by Björn Streeck)

  • About the artist

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