Lars Karl Becker

  • About the artist

    Lars Karl Becker graduated from Städelschule Frankfurt in 2017. His main concerns are the clotted expectations of the art viewer towards contemporary art – and how he can disappoint them. He is driven by anticipatory obedience to a future that is not able to articulate itself. Since 2014 he is running a micro gallery, named ‘TheTip’ in Frankfurt am Main. Early 2015 he was a feature guest in Simon Buckleys solo show ‘Evil Empire’ (as part of ‘Swype Right’) Market gallery, Glasgow. Recent exhibitons include: ‘Wir stürzen rückwärts’ at Dodge Frankfurt and ‘Kongress der Möglichkeiten’ at Bethanien, Berlin. Lars Karl Becker lives and works in Glasgow and Frankfurt am Main. (source)

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