Spacca, 2015

Wire, mod roc



Image copyright Lanu Varvaro

Lanu Varvaro

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  • About the work

    In this piece I wanted to recreate the feeling of loss by creating a skeletal-like map of the Spacca-Napoli road as I experienced it in Naples, when I went to visit after a close relative of mine had passed away. I wanted to capture the long narrow market street known as ‘Spacca Napoli’ which divides the old part of the city as well as the new mass of tower blocks, clustered on the on the hill tops.


    My uncle who had been an integral part of my life had just passed away, so as I wondered into the city the building facades no longer felt like whole forms yet more like half empty structures. The white mod roc and string metal wire aided me to portray the feelings of absence and grief as much as to work at a fast pace while looking at the photographs I had taken of Naples’ street and landscape.