A Series, 2016-2017

Newspaper, postal parcel envelopes, foam boards, ink, oil pastels



Image copyright Lanu Varvaro

Lanu Varvaro

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  • About the work

    I wanted convert my 3D forms into 2D drawings. Through my choice of colours and tones I wished for my forms to undergo a metamorphosis, the delicate tape structures now resembling eerie, intricate body shapes. It was crucial to draw a section only from the 3D model, the one under natural light, so that the tone of the colour was the one lit at that moment.


    The drawings had to speak for themselves, their use of marks, colours, and forms was meant to encourage a dialogue with the viewer. Similarly to my installations, my drawings layout appeared long, narrow and unsymmetrical creating a sense of dynamism as the viewer was confronted by it.

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