La Vucciria, 2016

Newspaper, bamboo, steel, sound of Palermo market recorded and played on iPod with headphones. Listen to the sound by clicking on the last image.


All work and photographs © Lanu Varvaro

Lanu Varvaro

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  • About the work

    Here I wanted to replicate the feeling of walking into an old narrow market street of Palermo, I would ask the viewer one at a time to walk inside and experience the structure as it got narrower and eventually forced the viewer to stand sideways pressed almost against one of its surfaces. I asked each person before they entered to put the i-pod headphones on. The sound played different types of ‘abbanniate’, calling outs, sang out by the merchants about the value of their merchandise. There is also in the background the persistent sound of crickets.


    The use of newspaper stood for the Sicilian newspaper used to wrap up the food at market stands, the bamboo acted as a strong structure, it is also a type of plant that I often come across in Sicily. The yellowish earth like colour added to the surface of the newspaper represents the sandy earth found on Sicilian gardens where the sound of cricket are continuously heard.