I Waited But You Never Returned, 2017

Bamboo, steel, Jesmonite, tape, glue


Image copyright Lanu Varvaro

Lanu Varvaro

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  • About the work

    The piece comes from a place of deep pain, an emotive state that I wish to convey to the viewer through the way I worked the surface of the individual casts against the layout of the whole structure’s composition. I wanted the viewer to take time to enter the structure, walk through the corridors of Bamboo’s canes, or to come face to face with the empty circular space in the middle of my raised casts. The texture and form of these casts replicates sections of a human face distorted, where the flesh has been folded. The circular part represents a closed off window, the sense of hope withdrawn. The use of steel domes heated and individually hammered reflects different contorted facial expressions. What is more the two choices of colours underline the two different feelings of loss and distress. I felt it was important to maintain a sense of rhythm and balance through out my piece. The bamboo canes allowed me to focus on the height and dynamic of the piece, creating gaps the viewer is able to look through. Like in most of my large structures I wanted to place emphasis on the trap versus the mediative state of my works, and to make a piece that uses naturally grown material together with manufactured media.

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