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Klaudia Krynicka

  • Biography

    Klaudia Krynicka

    Born 2.01.1990 in Warsaw, Poland. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Student of Painting with Prof. Burkhard Held at the University of the Arts in Berlin and in the Graphic class of Prof. Błażej Ostoja Lniski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Graduate of the English Literature Faculty at the University of Warsaw.



    2013–2017  – Universität der Künste Berlin, Fine Arts, Master studies

    2011–2013  – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Graphics

    2010–2016  – University of Warsaw, Master English Studies



    Selected Group Exhibitions



    July 2017– ”Abschlussaustellung Bildende Kunst”,  UdK, Berlin, Germany

    February 2017– ”At the Limits of Perception and Cognition”,  Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany


    July 2017 – Nomination to ”Takifuji” Art Prize (Tokio, Japan) from UdK



    September 2016– ”Berlin School of Painting in der Kunsthalle Späti”,  Kantstrasse 154, Berlin, Germany

    August 2016– ”Aurum”,  Galerie Lee, Berlin, Germany

    July 2016– Klasse Held exhibition at Rundgang, UdK, Berlin

    June 2016– ”Berlin School of Painting”,  Villa Renata, Basel, Switezerland



    July 2015– ”Arts Festival Around the World in Thirty Days”,  Ballery, , Berlin, Germany

    June 2014 - ”Kissprint”, Okrzei 26, Warsaw, Poland

    February 2014– ”Space and Identity”,  UdK, Berlin, Germany

    January 2014– ”Potraits. Collective Exhibition”, Franzosische Str.47 Atelier Inquiries, Berlin, Germany

    July 2013– ”The way we are”,  TIFF Festival of Photography, Wrocław, Poland

    May 2013– ”Words”,  Lutheraneum, Warsaw, Poland



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  • Artist Statement

    The way to my paintings was long and full of obstacles. For many years I’ve been learning drawings and graphics. I was expressing myself with black and white. A line was more important than a color for me. I was attracted by black because it could express what I wanted to say in the most simple and uncomplicated way. My paintings tell the stories. They are related to music that I’ve heard or poems that I’ve read, faces that I saw somewhere and will never see again, to my dreams, fears and memories. I work in series. One of them, In the forest, deals with the ambiguous and unspoken. My works are in between figuration and abstraction. They address this feeling of uncertainty when looking at something and not being sure if it’s true or not, seen or imagined. I’m inspired by beauty. By Rembrandt drawings and Japanese woodcuts. I’m inspired by the fragrance, which can barely be smelled, by the past from which I want to escape but it won’t let me forget. And finally by art itself.

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