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All work and photographs © Kimberley Beach

Kimberley Beach

  • About the artist

    Beach (born 1990, Middlesbrough, UK) completed an MA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art, London in 2018, after previously completing studies at the University of Westminster (2015) and the Northern School of Art (2012). She is a recipient of the Dolbey Travel award, the Felix Slade Scholarship, shortlisted for the Sarabande Foundation scholarship and selected as one of six London graduates to exhibit at the Anise Gallery Summer Show in 2018. 


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  • Artist statement

    Kimberley Beach is a video and sound installation artist. Her films explore the relationship between memory and spatial inscriptions on landscapes of physical and symbolic violence. She makes frequent use of spoken narrative in her work as a way to simultaneously expose and blur the binaries of subjective/objective knowledge of situated individuals. Beach uses the camera to investigate power dynamics and hierarchies, with a special focus on social class, familial relationships and subject formation. Through the blurring of fiction and non-fiction material she creates contradictory narratives that help draw attention to the manipulated construction of the other. Sound is often layered with both original and found footage to show the multifaceted reality of the social realm, which along with the splicing together of different mediums and conflicting content help gather ambiguity, with pieces often refusing resolution, leaving the audience to question their own culpability in the practice of othering.


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