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All work and photographs © Katarina Rankovic

Katarina Rankovic

  • About the artist

    Katarina Rankovic graduated from Central Saint Martins, Londo in 2018 with an MA in Fine Art. 

  • Artist statement

    'I am an artist and writer concerned with wriggling into my own work and wearing it like a second skin. I work in jealous drawings, a one-woman empathy circus, a novel about a 'lethargic line' and fake Youtube tutorials.
    Recent works involve a series of theatrical scripts written with the intention of being 'run' like programming code or 'expressed' like genes, through the iterability of performance. My MA research in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins explored the programmability of self-governing systems through media not typically associated to artificial intelligence studies, such as narrative, or drawing.


    Next year I hope to win the funding to be able to undertake a PhD offer at the Royal College of Art and continue working on this theme. The project, “Scripting for Agency”, draws on theories from philosophy, genetics and computing to explore the writability of persons, their agency, and sentience. Art experiments will invoke these theories as a means of summoning an AI in fiction (in a novel, a video game…) and document its successes or limitations.'
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