Room Installation, Mixed Media // 2018
ASPN, Leipzig
07.02 - 11.02.2018

with the modular work Unknown Plant at the Edge of the Arctic // 2017 ongoing


copyright all images: Sophia Kesting

Katarína Dubovská

  • About the artist

    Katarína Dubovská graduated from HGB Leipzig in February 2018. She studied in the Photography and Media class taught by Prof. Joachim Brohm as well as in the Installation and Space class taught by of Prof. Peggy Buth.

  • Artist statement

    In my work I explore the periphery of perception, visibility and media imagery. In so doing, I intersect investigations of natural phenomena with questions regarding the nature of the post-photographic, technical and fluid image. The inquiry about media (re-)presentation and construction to the point of fiction is essential and consistent. Often my work is based on methods, images and theories from the fields of natural science, which assert a reality within their own systems and models. More and more, the question arises of what is not shown and for what reason.


    I work with experimental as well as current digital imaging methods, whereby the question of the image as both a visualizing and analytical body is fundamental. In correspondence with the matrix of the image, I understand space as an extended field to arrange images, objects and time-based work into a self-referential and self-reflexive netting. Acting between science and imagination, I challenge the limits and methods of our vision and knowledge. Observation of the world becomes the subjunctive and the image becomes a hypothesis.


    source: artist website

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