Some of those days you will miss me honey, 2018
Copolyester, metal, resin, glass, arti cial grass powder

H:420 cm W: 300 cm D: 350cm 


All work and photographs © Kang Gao

Kang Gao

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  • About the work

    'What are our new bodies, or will be our new bodies, in this futurism-becoming age. Outside of our rotting and decaying body made by esh, we have all the other bodies and images with diversity of forms living inside the pre-structured Internet world. They are all solid xed on the cable trays by unistruts that can be found everywhere with huge amount of number. This single direction super high-speed train of digital technology seems is crush all our bodies and individual subjectivity without o ering a moment for hesitat- ing. The great Internet that promised the world of freedom gathered almost every one on the earth inside of a co n, which is arguably sealed by the cross of power.


    The running principle inside of Internet is signi cantly di erent then what we have inside of our rotting bodies. On one hand, it let us have the power to enjoy the in nite convenience by feeding us the potential prefering products and information by calculating and analyzing ourselves as object for the bene t of power and money, on another hand. Additionally, of course, our new bodies can live forever in Internet like the clear plastic waste when they lost the ability to consume, rather than dumped as excrement that smells disgusting, and becoming the fertilizer for the grass.


    Due to our containing bodies are the receivers that constantly and continuously absorbing from and in uenced by the environment we are encountering with, which is always leading by the stream that dominate by power. And, this digital network age is giving the almost the best breeding ground for the surge of di usion of mind-leading information. Our subjectivity are, now, encoding by the mainstream culture values that always leading by power and money with unprecedented speed and scale. We see what they want us to see, we hate what they want us to hate. Every thing has been pre-structured, which already designed our future. Subjectivity might one day become to the products that manufactured on the assemble line, and eventually it would be merged by common sense and stereotype, which, to me, its like the scene that cut up huge amount of the cell walls of cells, and all the liquid inside organs ow into a giant groove, then it becoming a pool remain quiet and silence.'

    Text source: Artist website